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We present you Doctorálitas, a magnificent service to take care of your family’s health and yours.

Doctorálitas is designed for people who need to extend the scope of public health with a complement which help to access private health with afordable prices. Currently, Doctorálitas is present in many medical centers in Region of Murcia and Alicante Province.

Because we take care of your health, we propose you the best medical care index in Murcia

Have you ever needed to visit a private medical consultation?

In some cases, especially if we have waiting lists to visit a medical specialist or to do a diagnostic test, we may experience uncertainty o stress. For this reason, Doctorálitas is a useful tool and an economic and viable alternative to supplement the public health and care about our health.

Doctorálitas offers you access to over nine hundred doctors in every specialty and more more than thousand proffesionals in other areas (dietetics and nutrition, dentistry, psychology, podiatry, nursing…) paying more affordable prices in its medical services with the Doctorálitas card.

In this way, you can visit the professional you want when you need him, without waiting lists, with a low price and only with a phone call to request an appointment.

With Doctorálitas you can solve soon your health doubts because you will not have waiting lists

Unfortunately, in somes cases we have experimented stress because we needed to know which health problem we were suffering. In that moment we decided to visit a private medical specialty and we had to pay a high price for his services.

Doctorálitas has born to resolve this kind of problems, because Doctorálitas is a revolutionnary and useful healthcare system which allows their subscribers to visit the specialist paying only 35€ for any medical consultation. Moreover, when the subscriber needs to visit a doctor, he chooses from among a number of doctors, physios, dentists, etc., that see patients in private healthcare centers in the Region of Murcia and part of Alicante province and, thereupon, he visits the professional and pay him less with the help of Doctorálitas card. The medical centers are located in the most popular and important towns (Murcia, Cartagena, Lorca, Torrevieja, San Pedro del Pinatar, Elche…).

If you want to take part of Doctorálitas community, you only have to subscribe paying 39€/year. Then, you will receive your own Doctorálitas card in a few days at home and then you will visit the doctor you choose between the medical care index.

Doctorálitas is your best complement.

Doctorálitas will make you feel safe.